songs we like

by Hazelrigg Brothers

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    George Hazelrigg - Piano
    Geoff Hazelrigg - Bass
    John O'Reilly, Jr. - Drums
    1. Living in the Past (Ian Anderson) - 4:48
    2. Catch a Star (Colin Hay) - 4:20
    3. If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix) - 4:09
    5. Ten Years Gone (Jimmy Page and Robert Plant) - 6:46
    6. King of the World (Walter Becker and Donald Fagen) - 4:46
    7. Passacaglia, from The Daughters of Zeus, Urania
    (Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer) - 3:42
    9. What Is and What Should Never Be (Jimmy Page and Robert Plant) - 4:49
    This recording was made in our home studio using two AEA R88 microphones, four Hazelrigg Industries VLC-1 preampliers, and two Tascam DA-3000 recorders, capturing at 5.6 MHz DSD. The piano is a Steinway Model B, 1887, with a new action using Wessell, Nickel and Gross composite parts and Abel natural felt hammers. The dou- ble bass is a fully-carved, German 7/8ths, and dates from approximately the same time as the Steinway. The drum kit is a Catalina Birch by Gretsch with Evans Calftone heads. The cymbals are by Istanbul Agop. All instruments were recorded in close proximity to one another, and no headphones were used for monitoring.
    Mixed by Jon Castelli at The Gift Shop DTLA, Los Angles, California
    Mastered by Dale Becker at Becker Mastering, Pasadena, California
    Pictures by Nic Robinson Photography, Hopewell, New Jersey
    Piano tuned and teched by Peter Reichlin
    Album design by Karin Haslinger
    // About this album
    Songs We Like is exactly what it claims to be; it is a collection of songs (or “pieces,” in the cases of Bartók and Fischer) that have a unique connection to our past and in uence on our musicality. Each has steadily remained a relevant part of the musical landscape. What has changed is our perspective. Culture evolves, as do our own senses and tastes, but the melodies remain the same. It is for us to translate them into something congruent with our current ideals and lifestyles. Whereas we used to be a common sight in the rock clubs of Philadelphia and New Jersey, the din of guitar amps and smell of stale beer don’t have the same allure they once did. One must imagine that this holds true for many who have been lifelong fans of Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin. We have chosen the piano trio format to achieve an alternate aesthetic for these songs, which continue to resonate with us and with so many people.
    / Foreword
    Many times during my career I have had people call, write, or email to me about an artist they wanted me to hear. So many times I have heard music that I would categorize as good, but not some- thing I felt I wanted to get involved with because it just wasn’t on that next lev- el that I looked for. Audio master Doug Fearn who’s company, D.W. Fearn, builds some of the nest pro-audio gear on the planet wrote me and told me about these two brothers who were involved with his company: George and Geoff Hazelrigg (George being the Pianist and Geoff be-ing the bassist). He really wanted me to check them out.
    Because it was Doug, whom I so respect, I took a meeting with them and was very impressed from the get-go how focused in their concepts they were, and that they were also into the art of recording music that had a high-end audio quality, some- thing that was a mainstay of my musi- cal existence over the past 45 years. I listened to their album, “Songs We Like,” and was immediately knocked out over their concept, musicality, and their virtu- osic ability on their instruments. I knew immediately that these are two artists I would de nitely want to be involved with; They have a unique musical con- cept with how they approach everything. Their arrangements and presentation of classic rock songs like If 6 Were 9, What is and What Should Never Be, Spirits in the Material World and the Baroque piece Passacaglia bring me to a place of great musical satisfaction. If I would have to compare them to somebody, I would say they are right there with the best trios Keith Jarrett has had—great musical ow with great expression. I can only see more growth as I look to future with them. You’re at the beginning of the ride (hopefully it will be a long one) and many will get to appreciate what George and Geoff Hazelrigg have to offer in a time when what they do is so needed.
    Jason Miles, June, 2017
    ©℗ 2017 Hazelrigg Brothers LLC
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released September 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Hazelrigg Brothers Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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